Sunday, April 1, 2007

Visit Our Other Home on the Web

Tom and Maureen say:
More about our first days as restaurateurs will be coming as soon as we can catch our breath. That will happen someday, right?

While you're waiting, you can visit our other home on the Web. Z's official Web site is live for your viewing pleasure at:

There you'll find our full lunch and dinner menus along with our wine list in web-ready and printer-friendly PDF versions.

Z begins serving lunch tomorrow, Monday April 2nd from 11:30a to 2:30p. If you're one of our downtown readers, come in for a chopped salad (bibb lettuce, grilled chicken, serrano ham, croutons, chopped eggs, gruyere cheese, pearl barley, english peas, champagne vinaigrette) or Tom's favorite sandwich--the grilled ham and cheese (serrano ham, gruyere on some of the most luscious rustic french bread we've ever tried). Maureen is more partial to the chicken salad (green tea smoked chicken, cherry tomatoes, sesame aioli, baby spinach, francese roll), but we guarantee everyone will find something they love.

Or at least you'll see Tom. Maureen returns to her full-time job tomorrow, but looks forward to seeing you on occasional nights and most weekends.

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