Wednesday, August 8, 2007

While We Were Not Blogging

Ah, summer. Everything slows down, no? Including the desire to sit at the keyboard one second longer than you have to when skies are blue, the sun is warm and humidity has taken the day off from its assault.

While were not blogging:

  1. Maureen's business unit was reassigned to a brand-new initiative that's both exciting and hush-hush. The net/net: more change, more opportunity and a hell of a lot less time to write for anything considered to be pleasure.
  2. Several members of Tom's family blew through town for visits of varying lengths, on their way to other destinations and, I imagine, in attempts to escape the blistering heat that is any California valley in the summer.
  3. The new and last Harry Potter was released (Maureen lost a whole weekend there).
  4. Maureen was also gardening at home while Tom continued to scour the farmer's markets and ranches for seasonal and other products in support of our objective to make Z's Sunday Dinner Menu as local as possible.
  5. We were mulling over the idea of retiring the blog, or, at the least, taking another extended hiatus until such time as, well, until we can carve out more time to give this space the attention it needs.

Hope summer's treating you all well. It was both with a bit of thrill and despair that we noticed the first yellow leaves drift into the yard from a neighbor's tree. Autumn's going to be here before we know it.