Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One in 10

Maureen says:
Seems like we're only good for a blog post one in every 10 days. It's not for lack of stories to share so much as a combination of things familiar to any new business owner.

Things like staying one day ahead of being officially rundown by lack of sleep, eating once a day if we're lucky (the cobbler always has barefoot children and so do restaurateurs not feed themselves properly) and generally trying to squeeze too many tasks into too few hours and still maintain a sense of humor.

Additionally, the insane amout of hours I've been spending at the keyboard for my full-time job, the work I do for Z and email correspondence have started to take their toll in the form of pins and needles in my both wrists.

Sadly, the notes for blog entries languishing in my notebook will continue to languish as I give myself a much-needed break from typing 90wpm ten hours a day. One of the benefits of this Corporate America job of mine is a generous amount of paid time off. I'm taking this week and next week and will be on site at Z a bit more than usual and hope to resume blogging by the end of the month. It's all up to Tunnel de Carpal.

Til then--