Monday, April 23, 2007

Still Here, Just Busy

Maureen says:
Having been open for business for just over three weeks, it's perhaps naive of me to think that Tom and I would have settled into something resembling a routine or gotten a grasp (no matter how loose) on what the new state of normal for our lives. Hopeful, yes, but also naive. The business of our lives is, out of necessity, the life of our business. And I'm fairly certain that won't change in six months or a year or even five years. It's the nature of the entrepreneurial beast, is it not? And it must be why you so often hear industry peers half joke that the two best days of owning a restaurant are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Me, I try not to think about that.

Because, if you're good at what you do--and biased or not, I'm going to say again that Tom is brilliant and not until now, working side by side, did I understand just how brilliant--there are a lot of days in between the purchase and the sale. And the best thing you can do you for customers and yourself is focus on those days one at a time.

And focusing on the day at hand is exactly what we've been doing, though lately those days have felt more like they've had their way with us than the other way around. No sooner did we get our boy cat home and healing than our girl cat took a turn that our vet described as 'as serious as internal medicine gets'. We'll spare you the details, in part because even though she's a fighter and a strong little girl, they are fairly heart wrenching. Which means that Tom and I had A Painful Conversation (TM) after hours at the vet's office, the result of which is was the mutual agreement to take things four hours at a time. So far, the little one is better and better each time we check in on her and if she continues to do well, she may come home in a day or so.

I really can't say enough good things about Lockridge Animal Hospital; everyone there is the embodiment of the practice's mission statement. In a world where compassion is often hard to find, Manchester is blessed to have them as part of the community.

Stay tuned for more restaurant-related anecodotes, information about our expanded hours for Mother's Day and other points of interest.

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