Saturday, April 28, 2007

Only Seriously Loved Mamas Get to go to Z

Maureen says:

With the weather we've been having, it seemed Spring would never come, but the air is warming up and that's helped us forgive the April showers and their habit of coming and going.

Still, how is it possible that when we flip the page on the calendar next week it will be May? In some ways it feels like we just opened the doors at Z, but in reality, we're one month old today!

Mother's Day will be here before you know it and while Tom's mother is used to the occupational hazard that means working (read: a belated phone call), mine isn't. We'll have her in for dinner beforehand, of course (Tom's parents live on the West Coast) and somewhere in between we'll be celebrating my birthday as well. Although the two dates don't coincide this year, I was actually born on Mother's Day lo those years ago. It was a Sunday and family lore has it that the day I arrived into the world couldn't have been more fitting (it was not an easy pregnancy).

Thusly: Z will be open expanded hours on Sunday, May 13th, offering its full dinner menu from 12p to 7p. Reservations are already coming in, so if you seriously love your mama, call now to make yours--603.629.9383. We bet she likes the Mojitos.

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