Friday, March 9, 2007

TGI What?

Maureen says:
When you're opening a restaurant or, I imagine, any business, that familiar acronym spoken by millions come the end of the week no longer holds any meaning. You TGI a lot of things, but TGIF? Not so much. Not yet anyway. When it's one of Z's busiest nights of the week, it will be a different story. For now, Friday is just like any other day because on Saturday we'll still be overscheduled, overextended and if we're not careful, overwhelmed.

In spite of the maelstrom-like start to the week, we're ending it in great shape:

  • The electricians returned to swap the outlets in place for the ICGs needed to support the POS system.
  • Wednesday's job Open House brought in 40+ candidates who applied to be part of Z's opening team and there was more quality among the applicant pool than not (when does that ever happen?).
  • Our dining room chairs and bar stools arrived yesterday. So did 85 percent of our small wares.
  • The final half wall with its custom window is up, with wainscoting, window installed.
  • Found money in the budget resulted in the purchase of a PEK Radiant Broiler for the kitchen.
  • We selected our uniform shirts and successfully avoided having to dress staff in (the ubiquitous) black and ordered our bistro aprons.
Behind the scenes, work continues on the Web site, the employee handbook and about 728 administrative details that aren't difficult, only time consuming. I don't have the heart to tell Tom that we lose an hour tomorrow. Probably because I'm not quite resigned to it myself. If life can change in an instant, imagine how much we could accomplish in that lost hour.

Or maybe I will tell him. Because he's taking the KitchenAid with its ice-cream attachment away today and he hasn't even made ice cream for me yet. "I'll make ice cream for you," he said before leaving this morning. "It'll just be at a different location."


Anonymous said...

Reading about all your work is making me a)seriously tired, and b) seriously hungry.

Your hair looks groovy, Mo.


Maureen said...

Then you must seriously plan to bring your appetite when you make the drive North for a visit! The hair? It's seriously layered now and I seriously miss and can't wait to see you. XO - Maureen