Thursday, March 1, 2007


Tom says:
Back in the day when I was a wanna-be engineering student, I learned that the Newtonian definition of momentum is the product of the mass and velocity of an object. In other words, momentum is a measurement of how difficult it is to stop an object in motion or


The principle of momentum conservation states that velocity remains constant unless the object is acted upon by a force outside the system. This week at the restaurant we've experienced a critical increase in velocity. This, in turn, has increased our momentum such that our hope of an opening date is less fantasy and more reality.

After days and weeks where it seemed we were stuck in a state of inertia, finally, I see the light at the end of this renovation tunnel. What's more, we're moving toward that light with a speed that can only come from putting every red cent you have and then some into making your life's dream, well, your actual life.

Then there's the panicked realization that despite the end of the renovation drawing near, there are still 1,246 things to do; the lists are daunting and my petition to the timekeepers in Greenwich to add more hours to the day have been denied. Best I can do is remind myself, constantly, that so long as I am always doing something, then eventually everything will get done.

One item on that list is uploading new photos of the space from the camera to the computer so we can give everyone another look at how far we've come, though it's entirely possible that to the outside observer it might not look like we've accomplished much.

But right now it's time for this object--me--to be at rest. The light may be visible, but the tunnel, she is long.

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