Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Maureen says:
Tom has been felled, felled I tell you, by this cold. Six hours of talking yesterday didn't do him any good either. He was up early this morning for a meeting with the electrician, came home at 10a and slept until after 3p.

Now I'm sneezy, but I staunchly refuse to succumb.

Meantime, some buzz: a reporter from the Manchester Daily Express stopped by Z yesterday to interview Tom. The piece was published today, January 10th, in print and online. The online version is a PDF file, so you'll need Acrobat Reader to see it (and him in all his head-cold glory). Click here to view it online, then click "download a copy of today's paper in PDF format" right below the masthead.

The Union Leader also published a blurb about Z's impending opening. It ran in the January 6th edition. Click here to view, but don't worry about purchasing the entire article. All that's missing is that Z Restaurant, LLC is a partnership owned by we two.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the link to the Manchester Daily Express only takes you the current day's edition. There doesn't seem to any archive for past issues either. :-(