Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All motion is cyclic. It Circulates...

Maureen says: the limits of its possibilities and then returns to its starting point.
--Robert Collier

You know the saying 'two steps forward, one step back'? That's not exactly what the last few days have felt like, but it's not far off. More like two steps forward, two to the left, one back, three to the right, another one forward and so on. There is progress. There is motion. Just not always in the same direction or at the same time.

Our noses have been buried again small wares catalogues. We received the samples for our initial selections and while they're gorgeous, they are not unlike objects viewed in a car's sideview mirror in that they are either larger and smaller than they appear in photos. This wasn't the case for all our selections thank the stars, but, well: there's the one step back. Conceptually they're what we want, but practically speaking, not so much.

Ditto the flatware. In terms of design, the pattern aligned with our vision, but the weight of the individual pieces felt light in our hands. The pattern is also 18/8 (18% chromium, 8% nickel) versus 18/10 (18% chromium, 10% nickel), though both are considered ideal alloys for stainless flatware. Chromium is the component that gives the steel its stainless properties; the amount of nickel is responsible for the degree of sheen the pieces have. The difference between the alloy compositions is minimal--both are considered top grade and both protect against corrosion--but in a commercial setting, 18/8 will wear faster than 18/10, so we're rethinking that point as well.

Having to rethink decisions we've already made seems to be this week's leit motif. However, rethinking decisions based on facts is better than second-guessing yourself in a fit of insecurity. It just is.

One thing we don't have to rethink is the light fixtures. The pendants and sconces arrived today and they're nearly what we expected, save for the degree of opacity. But that's hardly what you'd call a problem. Special thanks to my best friend Kath, who incidentally works in commercial lighting, for placing the order. We said, "Let there be there light."

And there was. And it was good.

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