Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Last Vestiges of Normalcy

Maureen says:
Was off work yesterday and met two former and much-missed co-workers at a bookseller's cafe for coffee, tea and lots of talk. They'd phoned to say they were running a bit late just as I was pulling off the highway--no problem, of course--but it did give me enough time to go on a last-hurrah book-buying spree:

Nigella. What can I say about Nigella? I. Love. Her. And I often tease Tom that he should marry her if she weren't married already for the simple reason that he'd be hard pressed to find another woman who shares his deep love of bacon fat. My love for her has less to do with bacon fat and more to do the ideas central in her work: originality is not the same as authenticity and learning how to cook begins with learning how to eat and we learn How To Eat at home.

I also purchased Spin to Knit. Tom, ever observant and known among family and friends as Perfect-Gift-Giver-Extraordinaire, eavesdropped on a conversation I had with the owner of The Elegant Ewe earlier in the year and presented me with an Ashford Traveller spinning wheel for Christmas. At first I wanted to learn to spin for its own sake, but now that we're in business for ourselves the wheel will, one day, allow me to spin yarn for less than I could buy it. Sadly, there will be no last-hurrah yarn-buying spree, but I did get lovely sock yarns from my brother Scot.

Rounding out the spree was Amy Sedaris' I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. Pee-your-pants funny. Seriously. And there are real recipes too.

Little of this has to do with the restaurant, I know, and that's what you're coming here to read about. Driving home last night, I realized that this was likely the last normal kind of day off work I'd have in a good, long while. My afternoons of poking around bookstores and chatting with friends over coffee are numbered and I just wanted to write something to remember them by.

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